Friday, September 18, 2009

The Results are In...Stadium Club is Out!!!

Last week, I asked which of four products did you the readers think won't be coming back in 2009. The results are in, and while I wish more people would have voted (partially my fault for not posting more often this past week), I think a comment left early in the voting by the voice of Stale Gum that may have steered the voting the way it did.

The results (from 42 votes tallied):
  • 19 people believed Stadium Club won't return in 2009
  • 5 people voted for Topps Sterling
  • 4 people chose Bowman Sterling
  • 1 person dared pick Bowman Chrome Draft Picks and Prospects
  • 8 people thought at least two of the above won't return
  • 5 people went with all of the above

Earlier in the week, Topps announced plans for Bowman Chrome DP&P and Topps Sterling. And there was talk that Bowman Sterling was going to return as well. Which leaves Stadium Club as the odd product out for 2009. Which may or may not have come as a surprise since Topps, while presenting a fantastic product last year, miffed on pricing it higher than many collectors believed it should have been worth.

Now maybe Topps will be allowed more products in 2010 and beyond since they are the exclusive manufacturer of licensed MLB trading cards. Maybe they'll bring Stadium Club back in 2010. But until we know for sure, it is all just speculation.

Maybe they'll bring back the Major League Debut set in 2010...that's what I would like to see.


JayBee Anama

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