Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Haven't Been Posting Lately Because...

Drat that Bejeweled Blitz game on Facebook. I've found myself addicted to it, and the sad part is that I'm actually bad at the game. The version on FB gives you just one minute...SIXTY SECONDS...to clear out as many jewels (in groups of three or more) off the board. The normal game let's you run until you can't get any more pieces off. And the reward (stars for points) reaches up to 250,000 points. How in the heck can anyone get up that high??? And there are people on my friends list who have (you know who you are...one of them actually reads this blog...)

To make matters worse, playing the game has taken too much time away from me writing and maintaining this humble little blog. That is about to change.

From here on out, no more Bejeweled Blitz (let's see how long this lasts). I'm sticking to Typing Maniac (something more suited for me as a typist). Until then, here is what to expect from the blog this week:
  • Responses to comments (the Monthly Comment Mailbag).
  • An update on the careers of the ten "first year" players added to the 2005 Topps Rookie Cup (promised before, but now I'm ready to write).
  • My 6 in 30 that Dinged Corners threw out for the blogging community.
  • Any Hobby news and things that pique my interest.
It's a brand new, but shortened week. I can't wait to get started.


JayBee Anama


madding said...

I've always liked Bejeweled, but I've tried to stay away from the facebook version. Somehow I got sucked into Mafia Wars, though. Can't begin to tell you what a waste of time that is...

Big Daddy said...

Guilty! Not sure how I do it, but you do get better (ie lucky) over time.

I am also addicted to Mafia Wars.

Scott said...

I found it hard to break the Bejeweled addiction than I did cigarettes. Speaking of Mafia Wars, what irks me about it and some of the other Facebook games is how they bribe you to try and get other people sucked in and playing it. Very clandestine.

unclemoe said...

I just gave it a try. Super rad!