Wednesday, September 9, 2009

6 in 30...Which Binder Do I Use???

The girls at Dinged Corners did it again. In a successful attempt to get the hobby bloggers to do something together in a show of unity, they have challenged everyone to a game called The Six-Cards-in-30-Seconds Binder Test.

The challenge:

"...take one of your binders down from the shelf...Make sure the binder is stuffed with lots of cards, to make sure this is fair and you don't allow yourself any time to think, just react. Put the binder down on the table. Okay. Give yourself 30 seconds and pull out six cards that make you happy. You have to turn the pages pretty quickly. What did you end up with? Did you surprise yourself?"

I have too many binders. Which one should I use for this game???

I could use my 1988 Topps binder, but then again, there's a whole blog devoted to the 1988 Topps Baseball set, so it's been done.

I could use my 1992 Topps binder, but does anyone really want me to wax poetic again about Jose Tolentino???

I know...I'll use my randomizer in MS Excel program to pick a year for me. I'll be right back...

(several attempts later...)

So the Excel Randomizer thingy suggested that I use the binder that houses my 1989 Topps binder. So here goes. Start the time...30, 29, 28...5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Time's up!!! Let's see what I got:

Top row, from left to right: Carlton Fisk, Andre Dawson, Tim "Rock" Raines.
Bottom row, from left to right: Bo Jackson, Jim Abbott, Ryne Sandberg.

Now to answer, why these make me happy.

First, 1989 Topps is my favorite set of all time in terms of design. It's simple, and the colors used for each of the team them.

Fisk, with bat in hand, looks like he's ready to step into the batter's box and send the next offering to the 90-94 Expressway.

Dawson, how can you not like this card? He's smiling...

Raines. In 1988, he was Tim? How did he become "Rock"???

Jackson, no athlete in baseball like him in 1989. Larger than life and a positive personality on and off the field.

Abbott, who made it to the big leagues without ever stepping foot in the minor leagues. Unfortunately, Topps doesn't make draft pick cards, and this one blatantly features Jim's alma mater of Michigan University. The future looked bright in 1989.'s Ryne Sandberg. How could I not pick this card???

There you have it. My 6 in 30 seconds. I was going to stall on this to be honest, then I saw that Patricia added all the other bloggers' posts, and then at the end said that I was working on mine. I had to follow through then. It would have been embarassing if I didn't.


JayBee Anama


Charley said...

Nice Six. Love Andre, Rock, Ryno, and Abbot. I probably would have pulled Robin Ventura #1 draft pick from that set because whenever I see him I just think of the pummel he took from Nolan Ryan.


Grand Cards said...

That Jim Abbot Card is one of my all time favorites, if for no other reason then that he is in full University of Michigan attire. (a not-uncommon UM vs. MU mistake was make in the post, especially common among chicagoans, for some reason. Because of Northwestern?) I would love to see more players in their college uniform, if only because so few actually went to college.