Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Get Ready for an Influx of Sports Card Blogs.

On the day Beckett's website was relaunched (to what you see now), many members of the site's Message Boards revolted. Why? Because they didn't like how the new site looked, that their beloved boards were now a disorganized mess, and the site itself was hard to navigate. And this was on day one of the relaunch. While a few people (myself admittedly included) stayed around to ease in the transition, many left via a mass exodus that fateful day. A couple of board members took it upon themselves to create a site that would continue the glory of the old Beckett Message Boards and give a place for those who had decided to leave Beckett for good and were now displaced on the Hobby Internet landscape. Thus, after a couple of attempts, Freedom Card Board was born.

This new message board has taken flight since then, and many of the former Beckett board members (mostly the baseball oriented, and the prospectors, but a few collectors who focused on football, basketball, hockey, etc) have found their way onto these boards. And thanks to massive upgrades and features (like the eBay search, and the live stream from this past year's National), they are finally up in terms of relevance with the likes of Sports Card Forum, the Bench, and other longer established Hobby Communities.

Now the brains behind the operation have created a new blogging program (via Wordpress) called Sports Card Blogs, and is offering the service to the members of FCB. A number of members have already taken the opportunity to create blogs under this new program and I promised to give the boys at FCB some publicity by adding them to the Sports Card Blogroll.

Here are some of the sites that are now up and running. You can expect to see these sites added to the big Blogroll later this evening. Please feel free to take a look at each one now:

Sports, Cards and more
FCB Playbook
Moxacaine's Baseball Card Blog
DaMMAge Control
Deranged Imaginings
All The Hype - Major League Baseball, Prospects and Card Talk
All Those Years Ago
Magnetized Brainwaves

On behalf of the Hobby Blogosphere, I welcome you all to our community, and wish you well on your future endeavors. Keep in mind that to stay on the Blogroll, you will have to post consistently on your blogs. Not necessarily daily, but often enough to keep you relevant. If your blog reaches six months of inactivity, your site will be removed.

Welcome to the blogosphere. Enjoy the journey.


JayBee Anama

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