Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Boy, Have We Hit a Wall...

We have been spoiled. We wanted less products because we felt there was way too much out there. Now that the baseball card world has one manufacturer standing (yay...come on, it's Topps!!!), it seems like there's just nothing to write about in between products.

Sure, 2010 Topps Series 2 is coming soon (and believe me, I've been counting down the days), and the 30 team sets that I've been wanting are still out there for the taking (money has gone to other, more important matters at the moment...these will have to wait). But since the big card show back in March, I haven't bought or traded for a single card. NOT ONE!!!

What's the matter with me??!

And looking at the last seven posts I've written on this humble little blog, it's been six Random Topps Cards of the Day, and one note about Topps getting back their NFL license.

And that's it!!! What??!

It seems I'm not the only one feeling a bit of a letdown in terms of writing. I've read on a couple of blogs that they plan on taking a semi-hiatus. One is talking about packing it in. And since the 21st, I've only seen two blogs that I plan on adding to the big Sports Card Blogroll (my motivation has been lacking, admittedly...that is about to change though!!!).

So that leads me to wonder, "what are we supposed to do now?" "Have we ALL hit the dreaded wall?" We, the bloggers, can talk ad nauseum about the latest product to come out from Topps, but then what? What do we compare their latest efforts to? It actually makes me think that the other card company should be in the...what am I saying??! There is always something to write about in this Hobby. I just have to figure out what it is so I can get back on the path of my blogging journey.

It's one in the morning CST as I'm writing this, so forgive me if it sounds like I'm rambling on a bit here. It's probably because I haven't gotten anything new that I haven't had much to write about anything new. I need to find that muse again so that I have something worth talking about. Believe me, "she don't come cheap!!!"

Until then, I have more Random Topps Cards of the Day, three more seasons of my All-Star rosters (I'm really trying to get the .DAT files going...honest), a response to comments coming up, and something worth writing about when series 2 comes finally arrives in stores.

That should keep me busy.


JayBee Anama


night owl said...

I like new product as much as anyone else, but I don't understand why the lack of new cards should prevent you from writing something about cards on your blog. Doesn't anyone have anything in their collection they can write about? Why does it have to be flashy and new all the time?

PunkRockPaint said...

The Million Card Giveaway is the only thing I have been "writing" about lately...

It is a great way for me to add cards to my collection. Although, I am afraid to see how much each of the redemption cards has cost me. Ouch.

Big Daddy said...

I enjoyed the insert set of the week. Or what happened to the WHAT was Topps thinking??? of the week. Maybe you can do an error card of the week?

Anonymous said...

I would land on the same side as Night Owl. If you have 45,000+ cards and nothing to write about, then 'new' truly is the devil.

Unknown said...


Check your email, thought we could trade to break up this lull.