Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2008 Topps Updates and Highlights are Now on Display on the Bay!!!

Because my card shop won't be getting his shipment until probably the end of the week, I'm going to take some time and peruse the big online auction site and see what the new cards look like. Give me a minute...

Okay, I'm back. After looking at the pictures...WOW!!!

Here are some of the highlights:

The 2008 Topps Campaign '08 Sarah Palin cards. The one on the right is the regular card. The one on the left...don't even ask.

The 2008 Topps U & H Kosuke Fukudome #1 card. If this looks different than the one from the factory sets (see below or click here)...

That's because it IS DIFFERENT!!!

The 10-card continuing saga of Mickey Mantle features the 1957 Topps design.

Buyback cards???

Now here's a card that will make you want to sing...

Those First Couples cards look really nice.

First impressions, I'm thrilled. The insert cards are well designed. And the unannounced box toppers are a nice touch (the buybacks). There will be chrome cards, silk cards, the usual parallel (gold, black, platinum) cards as well. But here is what I'm going to go after:

  • the 330 card base set
  • the TMOTTB card
  • the 25 card WBC set
  • the 11 card Ring of Honor set
  • the 10 card Mets Ring of Honor set
  • the 58 card Year in Review set conclusion
  • the 10 card Mantle set continuation
  • both Sarah Palin cards???
  • the 41 card First Couples set
  • the Walmart Exclusives (guessing 10, could be completely different set)
  • the Target Exclusives (guessing 15, could be completely different set)
  • the KMart Exclusives (guessing 15, could be completely different set)

That means I'm going after 488 cards + whatever the three chain stores has to offer, and I'm done. Money is tight, prices are going to be lower. Will I take advantage? Of course I will!!! As long as there are no extra unannounced gimmicks (and after going through 25 + pages of eBay, I have not seen one yet), I'll be quite busy until 2009 Topps comes out in February.

Let the games begin!!!


JayBee Anama

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The Drizz said...

i'ma hopefully pick up my tiger singles at a show this weekend, then scoop up a few blasters when they hit the retail circuit, keeping only the tiger inserts, which means (fingers crossed) i'll have a bunch of extras to send your way!