Saturday, October 11, 2008

So Has the Evil Empire Claimed One of Our Fellow Bloggers???

In one of the most bizzare incidents in the Hobby blogosphere today, word has spread like wildfire that the guy who runs Wax Heaven, the "number 1 card blog," will now be sponsored by...gasp...Upper Deck.

(cue Darth Vader/Empire...not the Carpet company...entrance theme music)

Congratulations to Mario, Tatiana, and the rest of the Alejandro family on this news. With the economic crisis finally hitting home, something like this can only help their cause. Although he did say what he was going to do with the free stuff he will be getting from UD, there was no mention (maybe because it is an insignificant matter) of any financial details with their sponsorship (and if there were, it is totally none of our business).

And again, with any kind of change in the Hobby, there are those now saying that the sky is falling and that he and his site will never be the same again. Mario was this, and now with UD sponsoring him, can we trust him? Will UD change him? Do we know the REAL Mario Alejandro?

People, this is not the election. If you've read his work (and apparently more than 400,000 people have), then you know what you're going to get with him. Will it all change now that he is on the UD take? Give it time will ya? He hasn't even gotten the first package from them yet. I never care what people say about UD and their products anyway. I never buy the stuff, so it doesn't matter to me what he says or will say about them. But for those of you that think he's going to stop being objective and be all "everything is happy and rainbows with UD," please wait until the first thing comes out of this website before casting the first negative comment or "I'm leaving.".

So congratulations Mario. It is well deserved. Although I do hate to see that you will be joining the dark side of the Hobby (notice the name of MY blog???), I have no doubts that it will be business as usual over there in that little patch of Heaven. Good luck.


JayBee Anama

P.S. (Grabbing pen) Dear Topps... jba


Wax Heaven said...

That was a great post. Thanks for your trust. For the record, I am getting zero $$$ from U.D or anything on my website. If anything, I am going to be losing money sending out packages for every box break but that is a sacrifice worth taking in order to bust boxes.

If Topps came to the table, I also would have said yes. Anyone who would think I'd sell my soul to anyone frankly doesn't know anything about me or Wax Heaven.

Anonymous said...

*Imagines Darth Vader approaching while wearing an Upper Deck T-shirt and the Empire Carpet jingle playing... shudders*

I used to be scared of their commercials for some reason when I was little.