Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hey Philly Fans...Don't Be Depressed. Something Good Happened Tonight!

So the Flyers didn't win game 1 tonight (and with any luck, they won't win games 2, 3, 4 either). But you know, it isn't all that bad.

I know that the Phillies had a tough week. Either the Mets pitching staff is that good, or your offense took the series off. Personally, I think it's the latter. I speak from experience. I've been watching teams from both sides of Chicago, and know a thing or two about offensive power outages. But tonight...all of that is history.

Because tonight, Roy Halladay, the biggest acquisition during the offseason, pitched baseball's 20th Perfect Game!!!

Twenty-seven Florida Marlins batters stepped up to the plate to face the good Doctor. Twenty-seven Marlins batters were sent back to the dugout. This is the first time in major league history that two perfect games have been thrown in the same season against teams who play in the same state (Dallas Braden's perfecto was against the Rays). In fact, the last three perfect games have been against Florida teams (Mark Buehrle's gem was also against the Rays in 2009).

So Philly fans, take heart. Something good happened tonight. And on Monday or Tuesday, Halladay will have to make an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman for a Top 10 list. Happily, for Chicago fans anyway, it was on a baseball diamond instead of the Madhouse on Madison.


JayBee Anama

P.S. Please don't buy out all of the above team sets. I'm still waiting to order mine. jba

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