Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Monthly Comment Mailbag - May 2009 Edition

With 43 comments since the last one, and the month being almost over, it's time once again to respond to the comments left by you the readers.

To the night owl, I've decided to let cooler heads prevail, and keep the anonymous thing open. I'd like to get comments from everyone, not just people I pick, or people with blogs, so the Anyone thing is still on for comments. But please, if you have to leave an anonymous comment, put your name somewhere so I can give you credit, contact you, thank you, whatever.

To GOGOSOX60, sorry about the anonymous commenter rant. You're the big exception because you've always identified yourself, even though you left comments anonymously. That's why I didn't mind it when you do it, just other people.

To DD, who left a comment about my All-Time Mexican Team, the reason why I didn't include either Adrian Gonzalez nor Jorge Cantu was because they were born in the USA. They may be of Mexican ancestry, or they may still have homes in Mexico, but the list of players I was working with was based on where the player was born. So I couldn't use either one. Otherwise, absolutely, they would have been on the team.

To Chris D'Orso, I wouldn't be surprised if the Madoff cards did show up in packs when Allen & Ginter comes out later this year. I'd rather see the executive of a rival sports card company included in this set, maybe as the stealth insert. You never know.

Thanks to all who wished me a Happy Anniversary writing this humble little blog.

To beardy, your blog was already on the Sports Card Blogroll, under the Team's section of the blogroll (Baltimore Orioles-Beardy's Baseball Blog).

To Costanza's Brother, that's right. Four Baltimore Orioles among the 17 "living legend" SP's (Jim Palmer, Cal Ripken, Brooks Robinson, AND Frank Robinson). Just be glad Topps didn't do a Reggie Jackson as an Oriole card as well.

To dayf, you'd still give up that Schmidt card to me if you pulled it right???

To madding, I agree. I thought Ozzie should have been on here too. He doesn't have any agreements with the other company does he???

That's all for now. Thanks to everybody for leaving me notes. Keep those comments coming (provided that I keep on putting stuff on the blog...)


JayBee Anama

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GOGOSOX60 said...

With no new Topps series 2 baseball at my Wal-Mart yet, your packing openings are a great fix!!

Keep it coming!