Thursday, May 28, 2009

2009 Topps Series 2 Target and Walmart Legends of the Game Checklists For Those Who Need Them

As seen on pack breaks everywhere, Topps is continuing both the Target and WalMart exclusive Legends of the Game Insert Sets. The cards add to the timeline from Series I. And as before, Target has the gold set, Walmart has the Platinum set. Enclosed are the checklists for both exclusive sets:

LLG11 Mel Ott
LLG12 Bob Gibson
LLG13 Babe Ruth
LLG14 Roy Campanella
LLG15 Ty Cobb
LLG16 Cy Young
LLG17 Mickey Mantle
LLG18 Walter Johnson
LLG19 Pee Wee Reese
LLG20 Jimmie Foxx

LLP11 Johnny Mize
LLP12 Jackie Robinson
LLP13 Babe Ruth
LLP14 Honus Wagner
LLP15 Lou Gehrig
LLP16 Nolan Ryan
LLP17 Mickey Mantle
LLP18 Thurman Munson
LLP19 Christy Mathewson
LLP20 George Sisler

The Cereal Boxes also had Store Exclusive inserts in chrome form for series 1, and that is again the case here in series 2. And if it was done in the same way as in series 1, here is what you can EXPECT (not official) to be in either set:

GR11 Johnny Mize
GR12 Jackie Robinson
GR13 Babe Ruth
GR14 Honus Wagner
GR15 Lou Gehrig
GR16 Nolan Ryan
GR17 Mickey Mantle
GR18 Thurman Munson
GR19 Christy Mathewson
GR20 George Sisler

PR11 Mel Ott
PR12 Bob Gibson
PR13 Babe Ruth
PR14 Roy Campanella
PR15 Ty Cobb
PR16 Cy Young
PR17 Mickey Mantle
PR18 Walter Johnson
PR19 Pee Wee Reese
PR20 Jimmie Foxx

The last two lists are just based on speculation. They are subject to change. Again, I will be going after the regular store exclusives, and out of 20 cards, I have five already (thanks to friend of the blog the drizz).

The chase continues.


JayBee Anama


The Drizz said...

i saw at meijers they had series 2 blasters already (dang, that was fast!) and the manufactured commemorative patches are back. i hope there's a ty cobb this time around, the one's from series 1 looked kinda cool.

Anonymous said...

What 'bout the career best set?

Jeremy Roe said...

Out of curiosity, how have you been able to find the complete Target and Wal-Mart specific cards in the Legends set? While I have the regular 50 cards (between Series 1 and 2), I haven't been able to find the remaining Target and Wal-Mart sets (other than a few single Wal-Mart cards on eBay).