Thursday, May 7, 2009

And Then...There Were Two...

I caved.


As I reach the end of this journey, I find it harder and harder to find what I've been looking for. To that end, I have decided to take other avenues to complete my quest. So off to the Bay I went. And sure enough, all the cards I want are there. The prices asked range from semi-reasonable ($9.95-$15.00) to the extremely insane ($30.00 and up).

But I did find, bid, and win one of the three cards I need to complete the 19-card SP set...and it was one that had gotten away from me before.

Remember my post about the Sun-Times card show a couple of months ago where I missed getting this card by fifteen minutes??? It's further into the story, I promise. Anyway, I received the card that eluded me then. So thanks to eBayer rld4230, for the small price of $12.90 ($9.95 + $2.95 for shipping), I now have...

Mel Ott SP #240

So that leaves me down to TWO cards...

Thurman Munson


President Barack Obama

Now I did get a response from Jeremya1um regarding the Munson card. I just need to find some 1992 Topps, Tigers, Rays, or Orel Hershiser cards, and "The Wall" is as good as mine.


JayBee Anama


Grand Cards said...

Hey JayBee, if you struggle to pull those cards together, I may be able to send some 1992 Topps Tigers on your behalf. Don't quote me, but I'm guessing that I've got some extras lying around.

TDLindgren said...

Good luck JayBee in your quest for the final two!

Just think in a couple weeks when Topps Series Two comes out, you can start the whole process over again! :)