Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Monthly Comment Mailbag - April 2009 Edition

Yes, I know I should have run this sooner (it's May), but now is as good a time as any to go over the comments left by you the readers and respond as best I can to them. Here goes:

To Captain Canuck, sorry about that. As I was going over the blogs in the Multi-Sport section, I saw baseball, I saw hockey, and yes, some non-sports stuff, but you also had a post about Bill Wennington (three-time NBA champ and currently the Bulls' color guy on the radio), and thought you did basketball too. My apologies.

To salveste, you have to remember that Dunn was traded to the Diamondbacks (so that's why he's not on the Reds set). It's also probably because Topps didn't know where he was going to wind up that he wasn't added to the Nationals team list. In fact, I actually thought that another ex-Reds outfielder, Austin Kearns, had left DC for another team, (so it would have been one ex-Red leaving as another came in). Alas, both have reunited in our Nation's Capital and only Kearns has a card. (Dunn did not surprisingly show up a la Griffey in the Mariner's set).

To The Angry Sports Card Guy, thank you. I'm glad you appreciated my attempt at April Fools' humor. I agree with you though...the Beckett thing was just tasteless. Ick...

To Jeremy Roe, no problem. Hey Topps, am I getting commission on this???

To whoever is comment spamming as Plastic Cards or Rounded Corner Business Cards, please stop. It's not appreciated and you're comments have been removed because truly you didn't even read the post and just wanted to hawk your site. Same goes to the hack who commented from the losangelesreview.net. If you're going to leave a website (like I do in all my comments on other bloggers), please make sure the site either is actually up and running or the link works because neither was the case.

Not to much to answer this time around as there were either not too many comments left, or I had previously responded to some in other blog posts. So ends the April edition of the Monthly Comment Mailbag.

Now if I can only remember to do this before the end of the month...


JayBee Anama

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