Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Drizz Rocks!!! Thanks for Molly!!!

I still don't have the Obama card (made a best offer on the Bay, but that was refused).

I still don't have a master set yet (can't believe I lost by a buck)!!!

The boxes are going to have to wait for another couple of weeks.


Thanks to the drizz, one of a few people that I've called "friend of the blog," and all around good guy, the number of SP's I need from series 2 is down by one.

There is this blog out there called Yount Vs. Molitor. One of the first posts on that blog discussed how kids growing up in Milwaukee in the late 70's/early 90's were either a Paul Molitor or Robin Yount fan (where was the love for Jim Gantner?...another story). Anyway, there is no debate that both players, now Hall of Famers, had great careers. But the arguement still stood as to who was better.

Well, on this blog, it is a matter of who comes FIRST. Both are included as SP's in Series 2. But one of them is now in my hands.

Paul Molitor #610.

Thank you drizz. I have never met you in person, but you were one of the first people who became a supporter of this blog when it first came out. I am indeed grateful for your generosity, and hope that soon, I can return in kind.


JayBee Anama


The Drizz said...

i knew it would be in good hands, glad you like it.

The Drizz said...

and thanks for the kind words. your blog got me back into collecting and is fresh, entertaining, and an invaluable resource.

William said...

JayBee, I have been meaning to tell you, I have Obama. Will definitely trade for either a Ripken SP or other various Orioles. Email me and we can discuss. I won't hold it hostage, I believe that would be an act of treason, right?? or