Sunday, May 24, 2009

Finally, The Last 2009 Topps Series 2 Pack Break...

So here we are, finally going through pack number nine. Was there an SP? Was there a relic card? The answer to both...a resounding NO!!! Why can't I have the luck of other guys who've pulled these SP's?

Anyway, Pack 9

Troy Glaus #465
Pat Neshek #544
Billy Butler #644
David Murphy #614
Reggie Jackson Legends of the Game #LG-RJ
Justin Upton Toppstown Blue #TTT37
Trevor Cahill #403
Donald Veal #637
Dustin Pedroia #350 (I would have loved for this to have been the Sandberg SP)
Matt Harrison #369
Tony LaRussa #401
Chris Carpenter #484

So ends my pack breaks. The cards really look nice. A reader, David, asked which of these cards were my favorite? The pictures, again, astounding. Many were so close up you'd think the cameraman was out on the field to take the shot. Of the cards I have, I think the best cards photo wise would have to be the ones of John Danks (it looks like he's throwing right at you), or Victor Martinez in full catcher's gear throwing a ball into the stands. Don Wakamatsu looks like he's hailing a cab, and Mike Fontenot in that classic SS pose of running to his right for the ball.

So that's the break. Happy Memorial Day everybody!!!


JayBee Anama

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