Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Quick Response to Jeremy Roe of Hall of Fame Cards

Normally, I'd be able to e-mail my answers to certain questions left in the comments, but I couldn't find one for the gentleman who runs Hall of Fame Cards. Jeremy Roe left a comment asking:

"How have you been able to find the complete Target and Wal-Mart specific cards in the Legends set? I haven't been able to find the remaining Target and Wal-Mart sets (other than a few single Wal-Mart cards on eBay)."

Well, I acquired the cards from series 1 by buying packs from both Wal-Mart and Target. When I completed the 330 card set, I realized that it would be really expensive to keep on buying packs at both places. So I turned to trades for a majority of the rest from either the blogosphere or the Topps Message Boards. When the opportunity arose (meaning one eBayer was selling the last few cards I needed), I just bought them from him. That's how I've been able to complete the store exclusive sets that Topps put out since 2006.

Hope that answers your question.


JayBee Anama


Big Daddy said...


A month or so ago I sent you the 2008 Topps Walmart Lance Berkman card to complete your 2008 set. I said if you didn't have anything for me in return, no problem...glad I could help. I received a package yesterday from you and thought oh yeah I love surprises. Not expecting anything in return, you sent me 18 inserts I needed from all 3 2008 Topps retail sets!!! You are too kind. Thank you very much. As always, i will continue reading your blog. Thanks again!

Chris Kocan
"Big Daddy"

Jeremy Roe said...

Thanks a ton for the quest continues!