Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And This Is Why I Don't Like People Leaving Comments Anonymously (with some exceptions of course)...

With the possible exception to the frequent commenter, who at least is recognizable when he puts the words GOGOSOX60 at the end of his comments, I do not like people who leave comments anonymously.


Because then they can put comments like this and get away with it:

"That's a good boy.

Beckett appreciates your support."

I think you missed my point. That we can all co-exist peacefully instead of slamming each other with pointed insults. In NO WAY was I even implying that I was defending the number one source of the hobby. How dare you, whoever you are, make a comment such as that and then not identify yourself.

I will not delete your comment for the sake of posterity as I believe you, sir, are a coward for not identifying yourself while leaving such an immature comment such as this.

When I get a moment this evening, I will see if there is anyway to block people from leaving comments anonymously. (I doubt that there is, but I don't want to have to go through comment moderation...if I have to though, it might have to come to that). That way, there will be some sense of responsibility, acknowledgement, and recognition when leaving an opinion on any one of my posts.

So I am sorry GOGOSOX60. Please continue to leave comments when you feel it is necessary.

Geez, even the Plastic Cards guy that I slammed yesterday left decent enough comments to warrant being left alone...


JayBee Anama


night owl said...

All you have to do to eliminate anonymous comments is go to "settings" and then "comments" and then make sure the "who can comment" section is NOT marked "Anyone"

GOGOSOX60 said...

Call me very lazy for not signing up for comments. I always forget passwords and .......

Always, always enjoy your blog!
Still a true Topps junkie since 1974, no matter what crap Topps may try to sell us.

Funny thing this year i picked up Series 1 Topps for about $15 on ebay, where as the last two years I could not find any cheap series for sale.

AND this year it's tuff to find large cheap lots of 1960 Heritage, whereas last year I could get 200 or more card lots for under $15 bucks.....

good luck on the sleep over slumber party. My daughter is just turning 16 and just received her driver's learner permit....