Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Look at What I Finally Found!!!

After daily trips to the local big box store and finding nothing all week, a trip to another store further into the city on Sunday morning netted me this:

Double what you see in the picture above here, and that is what I purchased the other day.  All 10 packs and two jumbo packs have been opened.  Highlights?  Besides all the base cards, I have:

  • One Golden Giveaway card (#GGC-25 Warren Spahn)
  • Two Golden Greats cards (#GG-81 Ernie Banks and #GG-89 Lou Brock)
  • Three Golden Moments (#GM-U35 Eric Hosmer, #GM-U42 Billy Butler, #GM-U50 Al Kaline)
  • Three Golden Sparkle cards (#US69 Brett Jackson, #US71 Brett Myers, and #US319 A. J. Pollock)
  • Three Target Red parallel cards (#US12 Jake Westbrook, #US58 Manny Acosta, #US267 Darren O'Day)
  • Four Blockbusters (#BB-8 Miguel Cabrera, #BB-16 Ivan Rodriguez, #BB-29 Manny Ramirez, #BB-30 Jose Bautista)
  • Four 1987 Mini cards (#TM-112 Yu Darvish, #TM-118 Austin Jackson, #TM-119 Gio Gonzalez, #TM-148 Justin Morneau)
  • Eleven Topps Gold Cards (honestly think it was a bad idea to throw all of the cards in this parallel set in one product, but hey, I'm not making the calls here.  Two are from S1, five from S2, and four from Update Series).
  • One Topps Pennant advertisement card.  The front asks if you "Ever wonder...who scored the final run against the Reds in the 1979 NLCS?"  For the record, it was Phil Garner on a error by centerfielder Cesar Geronimo.
Just unlocked the Golden Giveaway card.  And wouldn't you know it, I get a HOF coin of Spahn's teammate Eddie Mathews.  Speaking of Golden Giveaway cards, I'm looking to get a complete set of the 10 Golden Giveaway cards from Update series.  The codes can be used (should be used).  If you are willing to part with any of them, please let me know.

All cards above are up for trade.  If anybody is interested, please feel free to contact me.


JayBee Anama

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Anonymous said...

I just redeemed a St Louis Bob Gibson. I will send it your way.