Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Check Out My Cards From comc.com

(Please note that this is not a paid testimonial to Check Out My Cards' website...although if you guys do want to send a check my way, send me an e-mail.)

I knew it existed. I knew they had a lot of cards that I needed. Yet, I never had thought of actually buying from Check Out My Cards .com (or comc.com).

Maybe it was because I thought you had to be a member to buy cards from their site (you don't). Maybe it was because I thought you had to sell cards on the site to buy cards from their site (you don't). Whatever it was, I thought I wasn't able to purchase cards from comc.com.

So what made me decide to finally take the plunge? I had read somewhere (I don't know if it was on twitter, facebook, a message board, something) that they had just re-designed their site. So I was curious and looked. I'm sure there were massive changes to the website's design (at least the logo was different). But then I started looking at cards. Then, I became curious about some of the cards that I had on my want list and decided to look for them on the site. Lo and behold, there they were...and the prices were kind of reasonable. Oh, what's this, a cart? Why not. So I started placing cards I wanted into this virtual shopping cart.

After thirty minutes, I had 35 cards in my cart and the total price started to climb higher. I decided to stop there and "check out." They take PayPal? Great. And just like that, I became a customer of comc.com.

So what exactly did I buy?

Let's start with:
  • Fifteen 2010 Target Red Backs (2) and Walmart Blue Backs (13)
  • Six 2009 Topps Hobby Factory Exclusive Rookie Cards (the other four are now added onto the wantlist) that would have otherwise never see the light of day...EVER!!!
  • The last five 2009 Topps MLB Legends SP cards. I now have all 61 SP'd cards from the 2009 set.
  • Two 2009 Topps Target Exclusive Legends of the Game Cards (now just need one more...the Nolan Ryan #LLG25 to complete this entire series).
  • Four 2012 Topps MLB SP cards. Just missing the DiMaggio, these are probably the only 2012 Topps SP cards I want...other than the Pujols and Reyes cards from Series 1 and the first seven Update Series SSP's.
  • One 2011 Topps Sticker of Jacoby Ellsbury (need four more)
  • One 2010 Topps SP Hank Greenberg #1b. I would have liked to buy more, but the price was getting too high. This was the last card I bought last week.
  • I lied. I finally have my Balut card from 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter.

Great haul. It really made a dent in my wantlist. And now that I know I have other options, I think I'll start saving up for some other cards that have been taking up space on the sidebar. We'll see. To the fine people at COMC, thank you very much.


JayBee Anama


Anonymous said...

Hi, and I recently made the move from eBay to full time COMC. This weekend I'm going to send my first batch of cards. They are my last option.

Unknown said...

I hate using ebay, I want to know I am actually buying a card not just hoping I buy a card! For all who use ebay, hope it sways the vote to goto COMC, you can still have offers!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comment. It's either I have it in the bag or I don't.