Monday, April 30, 2012

Two Months Worth of Blogroll Updating!!!

The Blogger glitches that has plagued the Sports Card Blogroll (and for that matter every blog that tries to link more than 160 blogs on a roll at a time) is still ongoing.  I am beginning to think that I should get rid of the Most Recent Blog Posts section entirely and reformat the rest of the rolls so that it features all the fun things (including pictures and blog previews) that made the Most Recent Blog Posts section popular in the first place.

I also realize that I did not do any maintenance on the SCBR at the end of March.  So now I'm a month behind (so what else is new).  So at our last post, we were up to 354 active blogs.  During March and April, a scant nine blogs were added, bringing the total to 363 blogs.  Here are the blogs that should have been removed back at the end of March (now reaching seven months of inactivity):

And here are the ones now being removed due to six months of inactivity:
That's eight blogs total.  This brings the grand total down to 355 active blogs, a net gain of +1 for a two month period.  

I'll be honest, the new job and hours has taken a bit of time away from the 'net (which in a way was a good thing as it was taking away productivity).  It didn't help that blogger was still having issues with the blog rolls and even after switching to Google Chrome, the problems still did not go away.  

I do have a few e-mails asking to bring back a few blogs (Old School Box Breaks for one).  And I'm still looking for new Hobby blogs to include onto the big blogroll, glitch or no glitch.  So if you happen to have a blog about sports cards, or if you know of blogs that should be on the active roster, please send me an e-mail at  Drop me a line on twitter (@bdj610) or send me a note through Facebook (if you've friended me) and tell me if you found a new blog.  If you're the writer of a blog that hasn't been used in a while and plan on bringing it back, please feel free to do the same.  There is so much going on in the Hobby.  We need a lot of independent voices and collectors to cover it all.  Until next time.


JayBee Anama


Anonymous said...

Maybe a new list for blogs which have a start and finish, like the '75 Topps blog. He 'finished' it, but it's a great resource and a great read. Like Dickens, these are like serial novels, but they do end, yet continue to exist and serve.

Bo said...

As a Topps fan I think you would enjoy this:

'30-Year Old Cardboard said...

I agree with Anonymous, completing a set-based blog is a major accomplishment. Maybe creating a 'retired blogs' section would be a good idea? I would hate to see that blog just disappear...