Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Sports Card Blogroll Says Goodbye to...

When I created the Sports Card Blogroll, I mentioned that if a blog had not been updated in at least six months, it would be removed from the site. I wound up becoming extremely lenient with some of the blogs I added from the very beginning, in the event that the person who was in charge of it decided to come back. Alas, I've waited long enough. For the sake of cleaning up the blog roll (it looks bad when some of the blogs have not been updated in almost 11 months!!!), I am going to remove the following blogs from the roll:

I added links to each of these so if you can see what each blog was about. It's all about being committed to it I guess.

Now for those blogs that have ceased because they have completed it's run (like the 1988 Topps Basebal Cards - 88 Topps Cards) or those blogs who helped pave the way for many of the current crop of bloggers today that have announced their retirement (Ben Henry's The Baseball Card Blog), I am going to move those blogs from their current category to a new category called "Retired Sports Card Blogroll." It's not a Hall of Fame of sorts, but when a long time blogger decides to call it a career, then his or her blog deserves a permanent home on the blogroll. I will just have to be sure to take off the "last post" information on there, and just leave the name on the site on the blogroll. This is not a hall of fame section, but because the information on those sites will always be relevant to our Hobby, they deserve to remain long after the blogs closed for business.

If you are a new blogger to our Hobby and want to be added to the blogroll, please feel free to contact me at, so your site can be added to the Sports Card Blogroll.


JayBee Anama

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