Saturday, December 6, 2008

Somebody Forgot to Respond to Comments!!!

In my blatant stupidity, I forgot to respond to some of the comments that were left on my humble little blog. This is my chance to make up for it.

Ninety comments were left since the last time I ran this segment. I can't comment on all of them (and in some instances I even responded to comments on the actual post itself), so here are some of the ones I can respond to:

To dayf the Junkie, who complimented me on listing the themes of the last 12-13 years of Topps cards, thank you. And sure enough, not only are the CMG exclusives going to be a major factor in the 2009 set, but they are going to be part of the base set as short prints similar to what they're doing with their basketball set. I guess the experimented this novelty in the basketball sets and it was received rather warmly. I am honestly hoping that this is just a one year run for the eponymous set. I'm kind of leery looking at the prospect of having to deal with shortprinted base cards in the money set. I mean it's fine for Heritage and A & G, but the name brand??? I'll get over it though...

The night owl posted a comment in my post about the 2002 Topps Future Archives "Light of Day" set about my persistence in searching for these cards. Honestly, it was my last resort. If nobody was going to respond, I was just going to give up. I was surprised that Clay Luraschi would take time to answer though. He helped the Topps company keep a customer that day.

Both of the above gentlemen also responded to my Post Halloween post regarding "the Voice of God" Bob Sheppard. I'm not one to criticize looks, and I know the guy is old. I just think that Topps could have found a better picture of the man. Thanks for understanding.

Thanks to the "anonymous" poster (who is a regular commenter) for being an unintentional accomplice for the biggest Punk'd in the Hobby blogosphere. You see, the guy at the Writer's Journey announce that he had the 2009 Topps design on his blog, and GOGOSOX60 was the gentleman who included a llnk to the post. I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I'm not mad, and looking back, it's quite funny. That's what I get for being antsy about what the 2009 Topps design was going to look like.

To dayf, the guy at needmomorneau, friends of the blog the drizz and tdlindgren, and Mr. Anonymous again, thanks for the sympathy comments. My daughter was disappointed that her design was not the final one chosen for 2009 Topps, but her necklaces were a big hit in her school craft fair. And to the gentleman over at the Writer's Journey, who got more traffic on that one post than're welcome. That's what happens when I post stuff on message boards. Curiosity kills cats...big time.

To the gentleman who writes about White Sox Cards, thank you for the kind words. That last sentence should be posted on every English writing / journalism classroom across the country. "Write what's true to your heart and the rest will fall into place." That's powerful stuff right there.

About that post, I did get an e-mail from a blogger (won't mention who, but you might know who I'm talking about) regarding what I wrote. At the time, I was just upset about a few of the things that I was reading from both sites, and that made me think about what I was doing. He's was just upset that some companies are not willing to deal with bloggers while others have opened their arms to them. One day, some day, soon we'll have some pull with those first companies. We can only wait.

To another anonymous poster (I wish people would leave a name so I can acknowledge them properly), I don't know how John Lannan got in. I had Glen Perkins of the Twins myself. But I guess it doesn't matter what the W-L record is, Lannan had better stats than Perkins in 2008. So that may have put him over the top.

To dayf (again), and the girls over at Dinged Corners. I actually had no idea what the Junkie's post had to do with mine about the 100th birthday of Take Me Out to the Ballgame, but after seeing the video... Wow!!! That's all I can say. That's impressive.

That does it for another installment of responding to comments. This should be a once a month thing (unless I can respond within the post). I have to remember to get this going next month.


JayBee Anama


Steve Gierman said...

I don't think I've ever been given a higher compliment regarding writing.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hey I fell for the 1979 Topps reduex. But, for a few moments it was nice pretend that Topps might do a killer retro set some day. The 2004 Topps set was a great retro set with the touch Topps over done chrome done just right.

I check out this site everyday (maybe twice?) and enjoy all the card bloggers that I never read Beckett anymore for current card information.

NOw if I can just get excited abour 2009 Topps....
Actually I CAN"T WAIT for the sell sheets of 1960 Topps Heritage. Thats my birthyear set and alway has been a personal favourite.