Thursday, January 8, 2015

This Blog Is Still Relevant...And I Have Proof!!!

On the twitterverse today (you can still follow me @bdj610), former Beckett employee, current Topps employee, and Sports Card Blogroll Hall of Famer Sooz (@yanxchick, you might want to follow her as well) wrote:

Once again, it's nothing new. Chris, when he was more active on his blog Stale Gum than he was on Twitter, did these all the time. And other bloggers have done their own Best Blogger of the Year Awards as well. Many times, Night Owl seems to win everyone's award for Best Blog.

And rightly so. Greg's such an incredible writer, and his posts are very entertaining. He and his blog have become the standard that many in the Hobby Blogging Community look up to for inspiration to get their creative juices flowing and add their voices and opinions to the growing pool.

Back to the point.

So Sooz, who now has the job many of us have probably have dreamed about (working for The Topps Company), wants to hold a blogging award contest. Lots of topics she has in mind include:
  • Best blog
  • Best new blog
  • Most informative
  • Best trader
Others have been contributing ideas. Dayf, the Cardboard Junkie wanted to throw in:
  • laziest blogger
  • most cluttered design
  • largest fall from grace
  • most gratuitous use of cartoon horses
  • best depiction of Mark Lemke
Now for the first three, he must have been thinking about this one-trick-pony of a blog. I can't imagine who he's referring to with the other two...

But then I see this tweet from Bob d'Angelo, a sportswriter who writes articles online about the Hobby from time to time for the Tampa Tribune, sent this response to Sooz' original tweet:

Excuse me for a minute. I just need to stare at Mr. d'Angelo's tweet for about twenty minutes...

I have been writing this humble, little blog for six years now, and will reach the 7th year some time in May. This is probably the biggest and best compliment I have ever received about my blog. And the fact that it comes from a guy who writes for a major newspaper just blows my mind. Now, my first conversation with Mr. d'Angelo took place a few years ago, when I wrote about MLB Network's special about baseball cards. He wrote about it on his blog (which I can't find the link to anymore, but here is a screen capture thanks to the Wayback Machine:

My curiosity about whose card MLB Network used to provide the background to the logo of the show, and my search to find out (you can read the original article here) got his attention.

Thank you so much for the compliment Mr. d'Angelo. I really do appreciate it.

You all can say that I'm making a big deal out of this. After all, it's just a tweet.

Well, that may be true. I try so hard not to toot my own horn around here. There are so many people who do this blogging thing way better than I do. There are many people who write a heck of a lot better than I do. But to see a professional writer say something positive about my blog just makes me want to write more. More about this Hobby that we all love. More about whatever it is that comes to mind. And definitely write more than 115 posts that I put out in 2014.

For those of you who probably want to get in on this "2014 Blog Award" thing that Sooz is doing, you may want to catch up to all of your favorites, or even find a few new ones, at The Sports Card Blogroll. I'll update the site soon (lots to add and remove). I'm THAT inspired.


JayBee Anama


Billy Kingsley said...

That is a high honor. Hopefully my Cardboard History will be in the running for ROY, but, knowing me, it won't be...because I'm too scatterbrained to put out high quality posts on a regular basis (lol).

Don't sell yourself short, posts are fun to read. Yours was one of the first blogs I started reading a few months ago, back before I signed up for an account.

Matt said...

Thats awesome! I have almost been blogging for three years churning out one or more posts a day also have run a ton of contests and yet I feel a bit ignored. I hope now that I have been searching here for more blogs to try and interact people will start to acknowledge Sport Card Collectors blog a little more. I would love to expand my fan base to more bloggers and be able to read more.

Ana Lu said...

I don't mind the awards. But it's cool to honour lots of people who, almost everyday, try to bring the hobby closer to every fan. Like you do.
Nice one ;)