Tuesday, January 6, 2015

This is It! The Hall of Fame Announcement is Today.

When the announcement is made today at 01:00 PM CST on Tuesday, January 6, 2014, to let the world know who has been inducted into Baseball's Hall of Fame, I will be at work. But I'll still have the MLB Network on to watch the results live.

With any luck, more than one person on this list of 34 players will be rewarded with the ultimate honor...enshrinement into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. For the final time, here is the list of players (with years on ballot and % of ballots in the 2014 election) being considered:

Rich Aurilia
Jeff Bagwell, 5th, 54.3%
Craig Biggio, 3rd, 74.8%
Barry Bonds, 3rd, 34.7%
Aaron Boone
Tony Clark
Roger Clemens, 3rd, 35.4%
Carlos Delgado
Jermaine Dye
Darin Erstad
Cliff Floyd
Nomar Garciaparra
Brian Giles
Tom Gordon
Eddie Guardado
Randy Johnson
Jeff Kent, 2nd, 15.2%
Edgar Martinez, 6th, 25.2%
Pedro Martinez
Don Mattingly, 15th, 8.2%
Fred McGriff, 6th, 11.7%
Mark McGwire, 9th, 11.0%
Mike Mussina, 2nd, 20.3%
Troy Percival
Mike Piazza, 3rd, 62.2%
Tim Raines, 8th, 46.1%
Curt Schilling, 3rd, 29.2%
Jason Schmidt
Gary Sheffield
Lee Smith, 13th, 29.9%
John Smoltz
Sammy Sosa, 3rd, 7.2%
Alan Trammell, 14th, 20.8%
Larry Walker, 4th, 21.6%

After the ballots were counted last night, as of right now, only two or three people know the results of the election. Stay tuned. Today should be an interesting day to say the least.


JayBee Anama

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William Regenthal said...

As of right now, baseballthinkfactory.org has 5 people getting in, with just over 30% of the ballots being known. I imagine Piazza will fall off, being at 75.5% right now, when the full totals are known. It will be tough for the next lowest (Biggio at 83%) to fall off at this point. I hope Piazza gains some traction and can hang on.

If you haven't checked out their Hall of Fame balloting gizmo, I recommend it. Very interesting to check out.