Friday, November 18, 2011

Introducing Your 2011 MLB Cy Young Award Winners - A Diamond Duo Imagined

Here's another card you shouldn't bother looking for...IT DOESN'T EXIST!!!
When the Rookies of the Year were announced on Monday, I snuck in an imagined Diamond Duos card for both Craig Kimbrel and Jeremy Hellickson.  On Tuesday and Thursday the AL and NL Cy Young Award winners were officially announced, even though it seems that everyone already knew who would be named by the time the season ended.  Sure enough, both pitching Triple Crown winners took home the trophy/plaque/whatever they get for their mantle.

"So why not try another mock-up Diamond Duos card?" I thought. And after a bit of digging, it turns out that both pitchers had cards in this year's Diamond Duos insert set.  And even better, just like the Kimbrel/Hellickson cards, Kershaw was on the left side on his insert card (with Mat Latos) and Verlander was on the right (with Josh Johnson???).  So since I had both cards (unlike for the ROY's), you'd think it would be easy just to cut-and-paste the respective halves to make one "super card."

Not so.

Either my scanner is starting to act up (I hope not), or somehow, the gray/black color that is in the middle of each card is a different shade.  They didn't line up properly.  But somehow,  I was able to cut (carefully and virtually...what, did you think I took scissors to either card?  Are you nuts?) the Verlander section and paste his image over Latos.  It took a bit to make the borders fluid, but what you see above is the final product.

Looks good right?

Just don't try to zoom in on the image. Flaws abound. But from a distance, it looks like something from Topps graphics department wouldn't you think?

Oh well.


JayBee Anama

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