Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We're Number #16! We're Number #16!

Maybe it was because I told him that I couldn't wait to see which blogs makes his list.  Maybe it was because I sent an e-mail to him about the possibility of putting his list on the Sports Card Blogroll as a possible monthly section featuring a blogger's favorite blogs.  Maybe it was because I said that I knew that there was no way in heck that this dog-and-pony-show of a blog would even scratch his list.
Whatever the reason...IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE!!!  Break out the Kool and the Gang Album!!!
Because John Bateman of the blog Donruss 1982 has ranked this blog as number 16 on his "The 20 greatest Sports Card Blogs of all-time.
Let's see what he has to say about this humble, little blog:
"Well, Big Daddy J obviously is the driving force of the Baseball Card Blogroll, which that in itself makes his blog famous. While he tends to be more towards sports focus, he applies that focus to cards. For example, his blogs about guessing who is going to be pick to Topps All-Rookie team are thought provoking.  He used to have the random Topps card of the day (an awesome feature) but BJD seems to be posting a little less recently. Has been around since May of 2008."
Okay, well about that posting a little less recently, I apologize to you and all the people who still take the time to read this blog.  I have no excuses (you've already read about them in past apology posts).  The blog has evolved as well from its original intentions.  The cards are still the stars.  I just need to find a better (more original) way to present them. 
I have always believed that there are better blogs than this taco stand, so to be ranked at 16 is very humbling to say the least.  I mean, let me run down the list that he's put out so far:
And his honorable mentions included garvey cey russell lopes, The Lost Collector, Dinged Corners, Bad Wax, Too Many Grandersons, and Johngy's Beat.  A lot of great blogs have already been featured...and he still has fifteen more to announce.
Thanks John.  The offer still stands to post your top 20 list as it progresses onto the SCBR as its own section for a month, depending on when you finish your series. 


JayBee Anama


Robert said...

Fantastic JayBee, congratualations on the achievement!!

Craig in Texas said...

Your blog should be way, way higher!!

Craig from Texas