Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 Topps Series 2 Sell Sheets are Live!!!

So on Sunday, before the Bears game, I was sitting at the social hall (yes, my church has a social hall...) and surfing the 'net on my phone (ain't technology wonderful), when on Twitter, word was out that the sell sheets for 2011 Topps Series 2 was already out.

What??? Series 1 hasn't even come out yet (are you counting down the days???) and now the sell sheets for the second series is live?

Well sure enough, when I (finally) got home, sure enough, there they are. The sell sheets for the now highly anticipated 2011 Topps Baseball Series 2 product is now live!!!
And wouldn't you know it, the it may be Topps' "Diamond Anniversary," but it's the collectors who could be getting the "bling" (can't believe I used the word bling)...literally!!!

Where should I begin? First, notice that there is no mention of the Red Hot Rookie program. Maybe they realized that if they wanted this program to succeed, they should pick actual "good rookies". Not that all their picks were duds, but some of the guys who were picked left collectors scratching their heads.

The program that will succeed the MCG website ( wasn't it in series 1???) will now give you the chance of not only getting cards encrusted with diamonds, but actual jewelry (check out the rings on picture number 3). Now personally, I want one. And who wouldn't? But I would feel kind of awkward having a ring with more diamonds on it than the one I bought my wife for her engagement ring.

Many of the other inserts sets that are going along with the basic 330-card set continue what was started in Series 1 (Diamond Duos, the Kimball Champions, Diamond Stars). But there are a couple of new insert sets for this series, including the Diamond Stars and Before there was Topps; and the return of the Topps Attax will replace the Tickets to Toppstown.

And at least we know that two of the 25 legend shortprints in series 2 will be of Nolan Ryan and Babe Ruth (that canary parallel of the Ryan card looks awesome, especially since he's depicted on the front as an Astro.

The base set consists of 330 cards, which breaks down as:
  • 280 veterans
  • 30 rookie cards (with the now exclusive rookie card logo)
  • 15 team cards
  • 5 record breakers
  • 25 cards variation cards featuring legendary players (again)...
You have the usual suspects in the parallel world (golds #'d to 2011, blacks #'d to 60, platinums are 1 of 1), and then you have the diamond parallels (canary diamond- the Ichiro card in the sell sheet - are 1 of 1, the platinum diamond - the Jeter card used in the sell sheet - comes 1 in every four packs). Printing plates (1 of 1, four colors), and silk cards (100 subjects per series) return. But wait. Series one made no mention of team cards. Does this mean that series 2 will contain two teams per card???

Must say that based on what I've seen based on the sell sheets that Topps Series 2 will be something to look forward to during the 2011 MLB season.

There is no product information (yet), but the checklist can be found here. Remember, that everything is subject to change.

Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in about a month. And right around that time, we will have baseball cards. Rejoice!!!


JayBee Anama


hiflew said...

2 things I love on those sell sheets

1. That Pujols patch card looks so awesome even to a non Cardinals fan.

2. I love the Tulo card. I can't remember another card with a Rockie and a Royal on it.

BTW, I was wondering if you put my new blog Cards from the Quarry on your Sports Card Blogroll.

ShaneK said...

Love the Kimball Champion cards, looking forward to adding those to my mini collection. Also love the base card of Mauer--nice shot Topps!

flywheels said...

I'm hoping I can afford cards this year period. Regardless I'm eagerly awaiting the release of 2011 Topps!

TDLindgren said...

I'm not as excited for Series 2 after seeing the sell sheet. The "Before There Were Topps" might be interesting if they are reprints. Really pumped for Series 1 though and can't wait for February!

beefman said...

I'm quite certain I am the only one, but I can't wait for the day when Topps releases a complete set with ZERO horizontal cards! There looks to be a lot in the 2011 release, and it makes for really difficult sorting by team. But otherwise, the design is great! hehe