Monday, January 12, 2009

My First Cards of 2009...

February can't come fast enough. Waiting for 2009 Topps to come out has given me time to catch up to adding new items to the collection. And now that I'm signed up for PayPal, I've started buying things on the Bay that until now didn't because I was unsure of the "no more paper payments thing." Needless to say, so far so good.

The first item purchased is an eight card 2008 Topps Redsfest set first introduced by VottoTron last month. He was able to send me five of the eight cards from the set (along with some Cubs cards that go to my daughter). I will link the auction eventually, there was no picture, but what I can tell you was the final price plus shipping came to $5.49.

The second item was a BIN for the 2008 Topps Sarah Palin GOP card. Sell prices were really high when it first came out, but have since dropped since the election ended and Ms. Palin returned to govern Alaska. Final price plus shipping $23.49.

I will eventually make a play for the beauty queen card. I'm not in a hurry, prices are still high (mid $50.00's). Eventually, demand will die down, and that's when I'll strike.


JayBee Anama

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The Drizz said...

hey jaybee, were those "fest" sets exclusive to the reds?