Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today marks the ninth year since the occurrence of one of the most tragic events in our nation's history.

Although there won't be much in the sense of celebration, there will be, however, time spent for reflection.

Looking back. Looking forward.

We remember the 2,974 people lost their lives on this day nine years ago because of a senseless attack on our country. We honor those brave men and women who went towards the buildings, even as many more were running in the opposite direction.

We remember the heroic efforts of the passengers who gave up their lives so that a fourth plane would not get to its intended target, wherever that may have been.

We remember that many people are still affected by the acts of that day and the days that followed. Many have shared their stories of survival, stories of loss, stories of recovery. We listen to each one, even if the story has been told and retold, as if we're hearing it for the very first time with open ears, open minds, and open hearts.

We remember the feeling of patriotism that came about not long afterwards. Regardless of race, religion, nationality, party affiliation, whatever, all were united as one nation.

Those, and countless other things, are what we remember.

And that is why we will never forget.


JayBee Anama

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