Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random Topps Card of the Day: 2005 Topps Updates and Highlights #UH96 James Houser

Thanks to the Topps Card Randomizer, introducing the Random Topps card of the Day for Wednesday, September 29, 2010:

  • Official Card Set Name and Card Number: 2005 Topps Updates and Highlights #UH96.
  • Player Name, position, team: James Houser, pitcher, Tampa Bay Devil Rays.
  • Major League Debut: June 24, 2010.
  • Last Line of Statistics: 2005 stats (Southwest Michigan-Midwest A): 22 G, 8-8, 115 IP, 100 H, 50 R, 48 ER, 31 BB, 109 SO, 0 CG, 0 SHO, 1.14 WHIP, 3.76 ERA.
  • Any special information about player: Drafted by the Devil Rays #2nd June, 2003. Bats: left, Throws: left.
  • Any special information about this specific card: Houser's first and currently only regular Topps card (total includes regular and traded cards only). The name Traded and Rookies was replaced with Updates and Highlights in 2005. The theory as to why was because the following year, Topps and that other card company would be following new rules mandated by the MLB Properties, and so decided to load this set with as many rookies and first year draft picks as they possibly could. There were 21 players listed as prospects, and among them was Sarasota's own James Houser. Houser's last name is not in bold foil letters as regular cards, nor is his name on the side of the card. There is no black band at the bottom, just a larger picture of the Devil Rays prospect with the "Rays" logo below center and the Topps logo on the right. Houser was well on his way to the big club in Tampa when a shoulder injury knocked him out in 2004. He came back in 2005 with 109 strikeouts and an even 8-8 record with Southwest Michigan of the Midwest League. Thanks to the backlog of Devil Rays / Rays pitching prospects, Houser continued to toil in the Rays minor league system until 2009, when he was finally given his release. He quickly signed with the other Florida team, the Marlins, and played for the team's AAA team until he was finally called up to the majors in 2010. He pitched in only one game (June 24, 2010), and for only 1.1 innings. But that's 1.1 more innings than many of us will ever get to pitch in the majors. And because of those 1.1 innings of work, he becomes a major league pitcher...regardless of the number of games played. He at least has his one. Will he pitch for the Marlins next year? Will this be the only appearance Houser makes? It remains to be seen. But 2011 looks bright, and with the Marlins' staff in continual renovation, he may very well be on the staff in 2011.
  • Beckett value: $0.20-$0.50.
  • How many cards of this player do I own?: 1 card.

Tomorrow's card will be: Thursday: 1996 Topps #272. Post will arrive at 1:00 PM CST. Hope you will be too.


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