Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Who Wants to Be on TV? Are YOU an "Extreme" Collector???

Do you spend every free moment thinking about your collection?
Do you plan any part of your day around the Hobby?
Do you spend hours researching any aspect of your Hobby? Whether it's online, or in a book, or right in front of you?
When you travel, do you wonder if there is a store that caters to your Hobby where you are?
Do you go to the extremes when trying to find what you want to add to your collection?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to stay tuned.  Because now you can share your story and your collection with the rest of the world.

Last week, I received an e-mail from a gentleman named Chris Butler,a Casting Associate for a company out in Los Angeles, CA, called Asylum Entertainment. He is looking for people who collect all sorts of things, whether it be baseball cards, comics, stamps, coins, bean bag dolls, records, etc, to excess.

See the flyer below.

In his e-mail, he states that he is "currently seeking "Extreme" Collectors that “Shop Over the Top” for their collections. I’m looking for individuals who shop all the time and to excess; an "Ultimate Shopper." This person could shop for items to complete a collection or developed collections from simply seek retail therapy. The show will explore the issues of men and women who shop beyond what most people consider normal, highlighting those with large and unique collections."

It's one thing to have a show that focuses more on the collection, and shows like the Food Network's Unwrapped has done a fantastic job with this (in the past, this show has featured collector of salt and pepper shakers, McDonald's Happy Meal toys, brand name memorabilia like Coke, etc).  But this flier had me thinking that this kind of show would be in the same vein of "Extreme Couponing" or "Extreme Sweepstakes," which focuses more on the person/people who do this.  And, quite honestly, these shows can put these people in a not necessarily positive light.  Bless their hearts that the subjects on these shows are doing something that they love, but I'm pretty sure a number of the people who watch these shows think that the subjects should be placed in an asylum somewhere or in some sort of rehab/intervention.  I had to call and find out.

I did get a chance and talk to Mr. Butler about the show's premise.  And sure enough, it is a show about the collections people accumulate over the years. But it will focus more on the person who collects to excess and how their collection affects them and their families. This is not going to be one of those shows that takes away a person's collection or tries to put the collector in some sort of intervention.  Nor is this show going to show family and friends asking and/or begging for people to stop what they're doing.  The purpose of the show isn't to make the person who collects look bad.  But it will make you think about your own collections and your personal spending habits. 

As collectors, we all go through this. Regardless of what we collect, we all do this. But have you ever considered the consequences of your actions.  Do you place any thought to your purchases, or is it a spontaneous decision, especially when the object of your desire is right there in front of you, virtually or physically?  Have you ever considered how your collection and your spending habits to feed your Hobby affects your family?  Do you even regret making purchases to add to your collection?  When it comes to Topps baseball cards, I know I have. It happens.

As we conversed, I understood where he was coming from, and said that while my collection most likely wouldn't be considered "extreme," I did know of people who had bigger collections, and that I would pass his information along.

So if you want to be on television to discuss/show off your collection, please feel free to contact Mr. Butler at the e-mail address listed on the flyer.  And if you do get in touch with him, just let him know I sent you.


JayBee Anama

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flywheels said...

Heh, this same flyer was circulating on some toy message boards I frequent too. Most collector's I know don't want to be featured on a show as this for several reasons. I would think this applies to cards too. Who wants to be made out as a obsessive freak on national television?