Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's January 29...Topps Series 1 (Officially) is Live!!!

Hey you...Yes...I'm pointing at you!!!

It's Opening Day...kind of.

The first sign of spring and baseball is in the air now that Topps 2014 is to go live (officially) today. Even though some lucky collectors were able to get their hands on them earlier because their local retail/big box store decided to place them on the shelves earlier than scheduled (mine, unfortunately, wasn't one of them).

I will find you. Trust me.

I have seen the previews, cards on eBay, and according to brentandbecca, there are probably 25 SP's again being scattered among the packs and boxes of Series 1. A full checklist, when one is found, will be up soon.

Master sets are already up on the Bay (mostly pre-sells), and for some reason, those that are including the 50-card 1989 minis set are going for the low-to-mid $200's, while those without are at the reasonable $100-150 range. Why is that? Is it that hard to get the set completed?

I will be running to the card shop today as I have to go on the road. If there is anything out there, I'll post it on my travels.

If it's not too cold out where you are, make the trip and get some cards. It's about time.


JayBee Anama

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