Friday, July 2, 2010

Goodbye Topps Updates and Highlights! Hello Topps Updates!

The boys and girls at the Number 1 source in the Hobby released pictures of Topps end-of-the-year product, and this time, the Highlights have gone away. As of right now, the name of what was known as Topps Traded will now be known as Topps Updates (or Topps Update Series if you want to go by the box). And speaking of the box, guess who's image is gracing boxes and packs of this product.

Yes, that's everyone's favorite pitching phenomenon, Stephen Strasburg.

And what is probably the biggest announcement out of all of this is that this card will be inserted into packs of the product:

It's not going to be the same one that is being given away at the big Million Card Giveaway, but hey, not everyone can get one of those, right Stale Gum???

The kicker is that Strasburg's card will be numbered #661, just like the ones going into every 2010 Topps factory set. Which leads me to ask if these new Topps Update cards (why couldn't they just call it Topps Traded again?), are the cards going to be numbered #661 onwards, or will the numbering start with #1U or #U1?

For those who don't have the Rangers Team set, here is your first look at Vladimir Guerrero's first Topps Rangers card. Where it should the Trade..I mean Update set.

There are more images at the good old Beckett site. Click here to see what else will be added to the product.

When the sell sheets and preliminary checklists come out, I'll post scans and links here. I can't wait.


JayBee Anama

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