Thursday, July 11, 2013

Delabar and Freeman win the Final Man Vote!!!

Steve Delabar and Freddie Freeman, your 2013 Final Man Winners. If Delabar had a 2013 card, that's what we would have used.
Votes for this year's Final Man balloting came fast and furiously from the moment that the ten players were announced. Add posts with twitter hashtags, and you had record numbers of votes being counted. And when the dust settled, two more players were named All-Stars.

The fans have voted. Over 79,200,000 votes were cast. Twitter feeds and hashtags were trending. And in the end, relief pitcher Steve Delabar of the Blue Jays and first baseman Freddie Freeman of the Braves won spots on their respective All-Star Teams as the winners of the Final Man Ballot.

Yes, alliances were formed once again, (the Yankees and Nationals tried something with their players), and thanks to mobile voting and twitter, many famous fans put their two cents in. But a new record 19.7 million votes were cast for the Braves young slugger, who had to compete for votes with Dodgers wunderkind Yasiel Puig, with Hunter Pence (Giants), Ian Desmond (Nationals) and Dodgers teammate Adrian Gonzalez, who even publicly voted for Puig, rounding out the NL Ballot.

On the AL side, Delabar, who is going to be one of this All-Star Game's biggest stories (something akin to Jim Morris of The Rookie movie fame), went wire-to-wire in the lead, taking in a cool 9.6 million votes. As the rest of the ballot consisted of relief pitchers, David Robertson of the Yankees, Joaquin Benoit of the Tigers, Koji Uehara of the Red Sox, and Tanner Scheppers of the Rangers took second through fifth.

Delabar joins a handful of Blue Jays, including starter Jose Bautista, pitcher Brett Cecil, and reserve DH Edwin Encarnacion. Freeman becomes the second Braves All-Star for 2013, joining lights-out closer Craig Kimbrel.


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