Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Now That He Won His Debut, Do I Get A Strasburg Card???

This is the goal:

Topps already has this card on the Million Card Giveaway. The ID# is 39117. Did I successfully redeem it? Or, just like 14 Pittsburgh Pirates batters, strike out in three pitches (or MCG cards as the case may be)? Stay tuned.

As you can see, this is card #661. I don't think this is going to show up in your factory set, and just like the Johan Santana #661 card from 2008, that means this is going to be one insanely expensive card...even more so than the Santana.

Okay...so did I get lucky???

Card #1: DbZxHcxS2:

1971 Topps Marcel Lacheman. Nope. Strike 1.

Card #2: MKtQT2NLmn:

1996 Topps Tim Crabtree. Nice, but I already have this card. Strike 2.

Card #3 (final chance for the night): JNXB4XjJJ:

2005 Topps Rodrigo Lopez. Strike 3. I'm out!!!


Oh well...

Some lucky collector is going to get that Strasburg card...and if he or she keeps it...great. If he or she decides to put it on the Bay however...

Let the Bidding Wars Begin!!!

Let's just hope merkle923 doesn't turn this into a bidding war the likes we haven't seen since Alex Gordon.

Good luck to all. Please save one for me will you???


JayBee Anama


Chris Harris said...

Forget it, man. You're never, ever, going to see this card. Ever.

Big Daddy said...

Last night there were 3 on the bay.

TDLindgren said...

I would love to get one, but afraid it will be out of my price range as well.

I like how Topps linked Mantle to Ryan to Ripken to Pujols and now to Strasburg in the line of great rookie cards and this one should be as well. It could be one of the iconic Baseball cards years from now if he continues to put up great numbers.

My only hope is that I either get really lucky or Topps reprints it!

TDLindgren said...

This is from Merkle's blog so I don't know if this is fact, but if it is there might be enough for everyone!

"UPDATE: The card is destined for general release in the annual update set in the fall but the grass doesn't grow between the toes of the execs at the place with the renewed card monopoly: they'll be giving some away earlier as part of this year-long "Million Card Giveaway."