Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Finally Have Some Series 2 Cards!!!

No, I don't have the complete set (yet). I was able to, however, get to the local card shop on Saturday, and purchased two jumbo packs, and five regular packs, of 2010 Topps Series 2.

The cards look great, and I still have one more pack of each (jumbo and regular) to open . Since I'm away from home at the moment, and have the packs here, let's see what I have. But before I begin, let me say that as a collector, not only do I collect the cards and stuff them in a binder (okay, stuff probably isn't the right word, let's change that to insert), I also try and keep a clean wrapper to include with the binder. That means I try my best not to tear into the pack like there's no tomorrow. I slowly and carefully open the pack from the top, being careful not to tear into the foil. Okay, I know the packs aren't worth much, but it's still nice to have a clean wrapper to show how the cards were packaged.

Anyway, onto the regular pack of ten cards. Mickey Mantle pack:

  • #541 Jason Motte, Cardinals
  • #617 Luis Valbuena, Indians
  • #503 Austin Jackson, Tigers, Rookie Card
  • #555 B. J. Upton, Rays
  • #HWS10 Whitey Ford
  • #LL51 Juan Marichal/Tim Lincecum
  • #450 Omir Santos, Mets (where's that ASRT Trophy???)
  • #386 Dan Haren, Diamondbacks
  • #608 Pittsburgh Pirates Team Card
  • Topps Attax Joey Votto code card
Okay, not the best in the world, seven cards plus three inserts. I don't have a lot of time left, so I'll spare you the regular cards in the jumbo pack, and only mention the inserts/highlights. Dustin Pedroia pack:
  • Topps Gold Justin Verlander #615 (#1109/2010)
  • Topps CYMTO Whitey Ford 1957 #CMT64
  • Topps History of the WS Derek Jeter #HWS21
  • Topps Million Card Giveaway Thurman Munson 1976 #TMC18
  • Topps 20/20 Justin Upton #T5
  • Topps CYMTO George Brett 1975 Original Back!!!!
  • Topps Peak Performance #Phil Rizzuto #PP88
  • Topps Vintage Legends Thurman Munson #1959
  • Topps Turkey Red Joey Votto #TR58
  • Topps Legendary Lineage Bo Jackson/Justin Upton #LL44
  • Topps Attax Stephen Drew
Got an Original Back in the pack!!! That's one down, 57 to go for series 2. I'll show off the highlights from the rest of the packs soon.


JayBee Anama

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