Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another Live Attempt at the Strasburg.

This is the goal:

I have ten Million Card Giveaway codes. Will I get the Strasburg? Or will I be stuck with ten commons? Let's find out...

Card 1: s59JhCZPm = 1978 Topps #326 Mike Lum
Card 2: P3SgZnmGw = 1977 Topps #613 Reggie Cleveland
Card 3: Xx8L5f2Zh = 1975 Topps #392 Bruce Bochte
Card 4: S2LsL89kF = 1973 Topps #339 Dick Tidrow
Card 5: SsMZ5z3fZ = 2000 Topps #039 Warren Morris
Card 6: qdNhxnC42 = 1961 Topps #147 Ed Rakow
Card 7: JwT5rbbFR = 1975 Topps #343 Danny Frisella
Card 8: RgkGzXf2Z = 1973 Topps #273 Chris Speier
Card 9: S2SbzX5SJ = 1982 Topps #592 Craig Swan
Card 10: x7NrwXB4f = 2001 Topps #091 Mike Lamb


Oh well, so far more than 180 Strasburg cards have been unlocked. Some have already shown up on eBay, even though the people who redeemed the cards don't actually have the cards. So keep trying. And save me one will you???


JayBee Anama


Anonymous said...

I got one of those Strasburg cards you would not believe the crap people have offered in trade. I got over 200 trade requests yesterday alone my finger hurts from hitting delete.

John said...

Topps needs to make those more available - they should at least up the number to 999.

Anonymous said...

They should have printed 9 only. Those would be valuable. It's a gimmick in any case, another insulting gimmick.