Thursday, February 5, 2015

I'm Sorry, The Jeter Card Sold for HOW MUCH??!

Still upset that my local big box store did not have any 2015 Topps Series 1 packs out, I drowned my sorrows at the Dollar Tree to find that, even though I thought it ended, the store was still selling certain packs for a penny.

So I got myself 35 5-card packs of 2013 Topps Update Series. I'll be breaking that shortly while biding my time, waiting for my paycheck to come next week so I can hop aboard the 2015 Topps train on the Bay.

In the meantime, while perusing the Twitterverse, the biggest casebreaker out there, brentandbecca, has been busy sorting and listing all of the cards they have from the 35 to 100 cases they open for every product (okay, that's an exaggeration, but they do bust open a ton of cases). If you want to know what almost EVERY CARD LOOKS LIKE, check their auctions on eBay.

Speaking of checking their auctions...

So this is Derek Jeter's final regular series Topps card. He's been in every eponymous Topps set since 1993. That gives him a staggering 23 regular Topps cards in his illustrious career. Now, I know last year's Update Series included reprints of his previous 22 cards, but they were of the framed variety and quite frankly, because they were serial numbered, not worth the time and money for me to invest. Heck, some of the reprints were worth more than the regular cards.

But I digress.

So brentandbecca is still sorting through their cards and he put on auction the above card.

Guess what the final price was for this one regular card? Keep in mind that this is not the SP card. There is no twinkle in his eye, (for that matter, I have no idea if he has a sparkle card). This is the base card that EVERY factory set will have when summer hits.

Not $1.00.

Not $5.00.

Not $10.00.

Not $20.00.

Not $50.00.

Just check this out:

Let's try that again:

That's $100.00.

For one base card!!!

And the funny thing is that the guy who "won" the auction paid for it.

Yes, I know that the card itself has been all over the news as it is Jeter's final card. But this is a bit excessive, don't you think? Now EVERYBODY's going to want to put this card online to see if they can ride the wave of hysteria.

Sadly, I can't yet. I haven't seen any cards from 2015 as of today (yes I know it's only Day 2 since the official release).

I'm in the wrong business.

Now I'd love to have the finances that brentandbecca have to break open so many cases. And don't get me wrong, I'd love to spend my day opening packs of cards (it's a ton of work, and I give him, his wife, and his support staff a lot of props for the work they do).

I'm just not sure if my shelves could take the weight.



JayBee Anama


hiflew said...

The craziest thing about that is not that 1 guy paid $100 for the card. It's that THREE people were willing to pay at least $75 for the card. Can you say second chance offer? I used to sell video games on eBay and not once did I ever get this kind of bidding war between people with more money than brains. It was my seller's dream.

Jupiterhill said...

I read your post earlier, and shortly after I went to the Just Commons site. They have 18 Jeter cards and it is priced at 75 cents. I'm so glad that thanks to them and COMC I don't have to deal with ebay as much anymore.

cynicalbuddha said...

I'm sure there'll be some buyers remorse on that one.