Tuesday, October 7, 2014

bdj610's 2014 End of Year MLB All-Star Teams...The Starting Pitchers

Yesterday, I named the bullpens for each of my 2014 End of the Year All-Star Teams. Now it's time to name the starters.

To recap, here is my American League relief corps:
  • Zach Britton, Orioles
  • Wade Davis, Royals
  • Greg Holland, Royals
  • David Robertson, Yankees
  • Fernando Rodney, Mariners
and the National League bullpen:
  • Aroldis Chapman, Reds
  • Kenley Jansen, Dodgers
  • Craig Kimbrel, Braves
  • Trevor Rosenthal, Cardinals
  • Tony Watson, Pirates
So, who would they be relieving???

Starting with the American League six-man rotation, we have (in alphabetical order):
  • Felix Hernandez, Mariners (15-6, 2.14 ERA, 248 K's)
  • Corey Kluber, Indians (18-9, 2.44 ERA, 269 K's)
  • Jon Lester, Athletics (16-11, 2.46 ERA, 220 K's)
  • Chris Sale, White Sox (12-4, 2.17 ERA, 208 K's)
  • Max Scherzer, Tigers (18-5, 3.15 ERA, 252 K's)
  • Jered Weaver, Angels (18-9, 3.59 ERA, 169 K's)
Honorable mentions go out to (meaning, if I had more space, I'd would have added) Wei-Yin Chen of the Orioles (16-6, 3.54, 136 K's), Phil Hughes of the Twins (16-10, 3.52, 186 K's), Matt Shoemaker of the Angels (16-4, 3.04, 124 K's), David Price of the Tigers (15-12, 3.26, 271 K's), and Dallas Keuchel of the Astros (12-9, 2.93, 146 K's). Most teams cringe just thinking about facing just one of these six aces, imagine if they were all on the same team.

In the National League, my All-Star six man rotation includes:
  • Madison Bumgarner, Giants (18-10, 2.98 ERA, 186 K's)
  • Johnny Cueto, Reds (20-9, 2.25 ERA, 242 K's)
  • Zack Greinke, Dodgers (17-8, 2.71 ERA, 207 K's)
  • Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers (21-3, 1.77 ERA, 239 K's)
  • Adam Wainwright, Cardinals (20-9, 2.38 ERA, 179 K's)
  • Jordan Zimmermann, Nationals (14-5, 2.66 ERA, 182 K's)
Honorable mentions go out to Doug Fister of the Nationals (16-6, 2.41 ERA, 98 K's), Wily Peralta of the Brewers (17-11, 3.53 ERA, 154 K's), Tyson Ross of the Padres (13-14, 3.54 ERA, 1954 K's), Jake Arrieta of the Cubs (10-5, 2.53 ERA, 167 K's), and Julio Teheran of the Braves (14-13, 2.89 ERA, 186 K's). These guys had great numbers in 2014, and would make a dominant rotation on their own.

So the pitching staffs are done. Next, we'll get to the position players. The first step is to ensure that every team has a representative, regardless of what position he plays. At this point, five AL teams and seven teams from the NL need to have a player. I have a few people in mind. Who will they be? Tune in some time tomorrow and find out.


JayBee Anama

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Anonymous said...

Garrett Richards over Weaver.

No arguments fro NL Starters, but Cole Hamels should get a mention. He pitched great on a lousy team.