Thursday, December 2, 2010

2010 Topps All-Star Rookie Team Contest Winners!!!

Now that the 2010 Topps All-Star Rookie Team has been announced, I have spent the good part of the evening going over all the e-mails I received, seeing who outguessed me in the All-Star Rookie Team contest.

Unfortunately, nobody correctly predicted all ten players who would make the team (or eleven as the case may be). The news that Danny Valencia won the third baseman's position dashed many contestants' shot at a perfect ten (actually, it was Valencia and Gaby Sanchez that did in many perfect scores). And even though Stephen Strasburg is the official RHP for the team, if anybody selected Neftali Feliz (the RP on the this going to be standard going forward???) as their RHP pick, then I marked the selection as correct. But once again unfortunately, nobody wins the 2005 Topps Rookie Cup set grand prize.

But I am happy to say that there were more entries sent to me this year than in last year's contest. And because of that, I am happy to say that there are more winners. Out of all the entries I received, eight people beat my score of seven, with five of them correctly picking nine players onto the team. Congratulatory e-mails have already been sent, so it's okay for me to announce the winners:
Eight players correct: Jason T. Carter, Todd Stark, and Mark Mosley
Nine players correct: Jack Press, Steve Drennen, John Bateman, Don Sherman, and Glenn Savage
Now if Don and Glenn's names are familiar to those who read this humble little blog, it is because they were the winners of last year's contest (they did better this year too). If you recall in my announcement post, I only got seven right. Each of them will receive a Hobby pack of 2010 Topps Updates and Highlights for outguessing me.

Thank you very much to all who participated in the contest. Although nobody got all ten to win the grand prize, I promise to run this contest again next year. Hopefully somebody will win it.
JayBee Anama

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