Monday, November 17, 2008

One 2009 Topps Updates and Highlights Hobby Box Yielded...

Two weeks after finally getting around to sorting the stuff from the Jumbo box of 2008 Topps Updates and Highlights am I finally able to report on what came out of the regular hobby box (36 packs) of same product.

I didn't get a full set of 330, but was impressed with the collation as I did not get any duplicates in this box. The details are as follows:
  • 313 base cards (again, no duplicates)
  • 18 Gold Foil Cards
  • 1 Chrome Refractor (Chris Volstad, third year in a row I get a Marlins player for a Chrome Refractor box topper)
  • 1 All-Star Game Relic (Chase Utley)
  • 7 Topps Gold Cards (Kevin Cash, Andy Phillips, Cancel, DWright AS, Barajas, Aaron Boone, Griffey White Sox card, the card is gone though...someone is getting it in trade)
  • 6 First Couples (Harrison, Tyler, Polk, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower)
  • 4 WBC cards (J Reyes, Peavy, A Jones, J Santana...all extras because I pulled them in the Jumbo box)
  • 2 Ring of Honor cards (Justice and Knight...again)
  • 2 Mets Ring of Honor cards (Howard Johnson and Strawberry...again)
  • 6 Year in Review (Micah Owings, Alex Gordon, Polanco, Cameron, Damon, Carlos Zambrano)

Now that everything is accounted for, let the trading begin!!!


JayBee Anama


Steve Gierman said...

Too bad the Griffey is already claimed. I would be willing to trade for that!

Goose Joak said...

Did you pull any Chipper Jones or Josh Hamilton cards?

I'd be happy to look through commons if you're wanting to complete the set. I could also dangle WBC Matsuzaka, WBC Morneau, Topps Gold Longoria HRD or a Ring of Honor Mets (Keith Hernandez).

Stop by my blog and leave a comment if interested in the trade.