Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's a Brand New Year, So Let's Clean Up the Blogroll!!!

If you noticed, the list of blogs that were added to the Sports Card Blogroll in 2010 is now gone (which in hindsight was a mistake since Stale Gum is running the Gummies, and one of his categories is Best NEW Blog and I had the full list of new blogs for candidates) and has now been replaced with new blogs added in 2011. And as of today, the Blogroll welcomes 11 new blogs to the fold. A good start for the year, which brings the number of active blogs on the roll to an astonishing 325!

But of course that also means that a number of blogs reached the six month mark of inactivity, and will now be removed from the active roster, and placed in the "Blogs Being Removed" section on the sidebar. This month, the SCBR says farewell to the following blogs:
We were at 314 blogs before the beginning of 2011. Adding the 11 new blogs and removing the six above now gives us 319 blogs going into next month (a gain of +5). What worries me is that unless some of the blog writers whose blogs are at five months of inactivity don't come back, the Blogroll is going to take a serious hit in February, especially in the Baseball Card Blogroll section. Maybe with 2011 Topps coming soon (sooner than the original date if it is to be believed), we'll see a spike of new blogs or some returning ones.

Many of the new blogs contacted me via e-mail requesting to be added. I am more than happy to oblige. If you or someone you know has a blog devoted to our Hobby of Sports Card Collecting, please send me an e-mail at


JayBee Anama


Joe McAnally said...


I set up a new blog for Card Comparisons, so people can do side-by-side matchups and voting:

I wasn't sure how to get it on the blogroll untill I saw your post. I have to tweek some things and add the leaderboard links but - fire when ready!


Baseball Cards Rule said...

I don't see my blog on your list.