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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coming Soon...

An Albert Pujols...what is this???  Is this the design for 2012?

And there's one for Babe Ruth.  A foil/chrome parallel card perhaps?

Take a look at the pictures above.  Are these what the 2012 Topps Baseball Cards are going to look like?  I mean, the design includes this big picture, with the name of the player, position, and team logo (and yes, Pujols is wearing the #42 in honor of Jackie Robinson).

Nope...Topps wouldn't be insane enough to inadvertently leak the design for 2012 out now, especially since 2011 Topps is still selling everywhere.

And they definitely wouldn't give me any kind of scoop whatsoever.

No.  But I'll give you a bit of a hint about what these are:  Topps hasn't made these since 1990.  And they come with their own album.

Figured it out yet?  Let's see if anybody comments with the correct answer.  Before 7:00 pm.


JayBee Anama


Spankee said...

are those Topps Stickers? That'd be awesome.

The Lost Collector said...

I was going to say stickers as well. Or could be Topps Minis.

thewritersjourney said...

Stickers would be *awesome* (sing-song voice)

cubsfan731 said...

That would be a nice design for 2012 Topps.

Adam K said...

@cubsfan No, it's got to be woodgrain. Every 25 years it's woodgrain (1962, 1987). Maybe they'll pass on it since we'll all be burnt out on 1962 Heritage by then, but i would be disappointed if this pattern fails.

PhilM said...

CrackerJack minis? Didn't they have those in 1990? Or maybe it was 1991 . . . but they definitely had their own album: I have one myself!

John Bateman said...

Baseball Big

lifetimetopps said...

I don't know! What is the answer! The suspense is killing me! :)