Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Trio of Tyler Colvin...from White Sox Cards!!!

Last week, I mentioned that I still needed four of the Diamond Giveaway cards for my collection (TDG1, TDG2, TDG6, and TDG10). Whether the codes were active or not didn't matter, I just wanted them added to my binder (curse the fact that they're numbered!!!).

One of the pioneers of the Hobby Blogging world obliged. Steve, one of the few White Sox fans I actually respect, and writer of the White Sox Cards, left a comment on my post saying that he had three of the cards and wanted my address. Of course I was happy to oblige, but I needed his contact information first. Why? Because I wanted to send a thank you package (I'm sure Steve'll love them after the package is mailed to him on Monday).

The package arrived Saturday, with the three code cards he said he had...and a surprise.

That's right. Three 2011 Topps Tyler Colvin cards. A regular base, a platinum diamond version, and a Walmart Black parallel. How awesome is that??!

Steve is one of the established veterans of the Hobby Blogging world. When I first started this humble little blog back in 2008, it was Steve that gave me the best piece of advice that I now happily share with bloggers who ask me for tips, "Write what's in your heart, and the rest will follow." And he somehow has a knack for finding new blogs about our Hobby because almost every new blog I add to the Sports Card Blogroll has his picture as a follower. So he is very suppportive of the Hobby Blogging Community and should be commended for that...even though he roots for that other team in Chicago.

So thanks Steve for the cards and the Colvins. I still need card #TDG6. Used code or not doesn't matter. I just want the card.


JayBee Anama

P.S. Wait...does this count as being "Bipped???" jba

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Steve Gierman said...

Glad you liked the surprise. :-)

I never thought of it as a bipping, but you might be right. LOL