Sunday, February 27, 2011

Topps Letting Toys 'R Us Join the Exclusive Party

This year, Topps is going all out with it's Diamond Anniversary Theme.

You know about the Red Diamond inserts that Topps has in its packs sold at Target:

And you know about the Blue Diamond inserts Topps inserted in packs sold at Walmart:

But did you know that there are Purple Diamond inserts too??




Found only at Toys 'R Us (can't do the backward "R" thing...does the company even use an apostrophe???), a ten card set has been discovered that can only be found at your TRU store. Eight are in the picture above (the other two apparently are not yet on the Bay, but have been sold recently).

The checklist (all cards start with #PDC...which stands for Purple Diamond...what does the "C" mean??? Card??!):

  • #PDC1 Buster Posey
  • #PDC2 Troy Tulowitzki
  • #PDC3 Evan Longoria
  • #PDC4 Tim Lincecum
  • #PDC5 Alex Rodriguez
  • #PDC6 CC Sabathia
  • #PDC7 Joe Mauer
  • #PDC8 Robinson Cano
  • #PDC9 Starlin Castro
  • #PDC10 Ryan Howard
So run to your nearest TRU store now folks. Just save me a 5 & 10. I'm keeping an eye on the other eight.


JayBee Anama


Justin McLeod said...

It's getting hard to be a Castro collector. Another card to chase!

madding said...

My problem with Toys 'R Us is that they charge way too much for their cards.