Friday, January 13, 2012

The Monthly Comment Mailbag - January 2012 Edition

One thing that I want to start back up again is the Monthly Comment Mailbag.  I love reading comments (it shows that people are actually reading this humble, little blog of mine).  But instead of responding to the comments left on individual posts, I thought it would be better to consolidate all of my responses and just create a new post.
So here, hopefully, is the first of many responses to comments. 
To lifetimetopps, my theory wasn't that Topps didn't pick the best player, it was that they were just finally getting around to posting the results and the Lineage subset was their sheepish way of doing it.  I stole the checklist from baseballcardpedia. I didn't realize that Manny was not in the set, and was replaced by Andruw Jones (I don't think the boys at baseballcardpedia know that either). What that development only means to me is that Manny was still voted is as the third outfielder from the 2008 thing, but because of the circumstances regarding his sudden "retirement," it may have been better to switch him out with Jones. 
To hiflew, when I said that "Terry Mulholland does not have a card depicting either of his stints with the Cubs," I meant Topps cards.  According to the number one source in the Hobby, there are a total of 9 cards of Mulholland in a Cub uniform (only Fleer, Pacific, and Upper Deck chose to include him in their product as a Cubbie).  But I don't collect those brands, so I have no idea.  I can tell you that even though his career spanned 21 seasons (1986-2006), he only appeared on 12 years of Topps products, skipping 1988 (although he didn't pitch in the 1987 season, so this probably doesn't count), 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2004, 2005, 2006.
Oh yeah, I also agree that those who send back blank ballots in the HOF voting should be eliminated as future voters.  I read somewhere that one voter doesn't even send her ballot back, and her vote doesn't count or take away from other player's chances.  So maybe it would have been better if these nine people just didn't send them back.
Well, that's a start anyway.  Hope to do more of these as the year goes on.

JayBee Anama

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