Friday, July 8, 2011

Walden Replaces Rivera on AL ASG Roster

Just like last year, when a Yankees pitcher needed to be replaced on the AL All-Star Team, an Angel took his place. 

Mariano Rivera, who is tending to a sore right triceps muscle, has requested to be taken off the active roster.  While he is able to pitch for the Yankees until the All-Star Break, his concerns of pitching through pain in the second half prompted him to make the decision.

So in his place, rookie reliever Jordan Walden of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, has been selected to take Rivera's place on the All-Star Team.  Because Rivera was voted onto the team by the players, the next player on the ballot who didn't make the team gets to take his place.  Walden was fifth in the balloting. 

This will be Walden's first All-Star Game appearance, who now joins fellow Angels Jered Weaver and Howie Kendrick on the team.

For those adding cards to your All-Star Game binder ('re NOT??!), Walden's 2011 Topps card is #337.  He was not included on the Angels' 17-card team set.

More players will inevitably have to be replaced on these rosters (Jose Reyes is now on the DL, and those pesky Sunday starters will need to be replaced as well), so stay tuned.


JayBee Anama

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