Monday, July 11, 2011

Blogging By Candlelight

For the second time in two weeks, storms have knocked out power in our neighborhood. The last time this happened, we were out of electricity for 48 hours plus. This time the electric company can't even give us an estimate as to when our area is up and running again.

So here I am blogging over the phone (second attempt...the first one got lost somehow so I am doing it over) sitting at my table with five candles glowing while I re-sort the cards in my All-Star binder ( thought I was kidding when I said I was pulling out cards for this???).

Until today, I had the teams sorted in the following order: Starters, pitchers, position players, and Final Man Candidates. Now that the starting lineups were announced, I have to re-sort the cards in this order: Starting Lineup, then the rest of the players by team affiliation (sorted by city), just like they do it during the player introductions.

My favorite part of the All-Star Game has always been the player introductions. Seeing the players standing side by side in the uniforms of their respective teams, listening for the crowd reaction to hear if they're cheering wildly (always for the home reps, meaning Montero, Upton, and MGR Kirk Gibson, who was named a coach for thre NL side will get the loudest ovations), booing with reckless abandon (reserved for players within the division of the host team), or clapping indifferently (most every other player).

But because we're out of power, unless I sit in my car, go to somebody else's house, or go out to eat where there is a TV tuned to it, I am going to miss the game on Tuesday!!!


I would have scanned the cards of both teams' starting lineups, as well as the pitching matchup. I even scanned the cards of the eight participants in this year's Home Run Derby for another post. That's all down the tubes now.

Well if I can't catch the game, at least I'll have my All-Star cards and binder to keep me company...even if I have to substitute the team cards for Wieters, Robertson, League, Ogando, Kimbrel, and Vogelsong.

It's getting late now. Time to blow out the candles and hope for the best.


JayBee Anama

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