Sunday, July 10, 2011

Price and Shields out of the ASG, Sabathia and Robertson Named Replacements.

As we get closer and closer to the All-Star Game, there are more and more roster updates to report (and there will be plenty).

Thanks to the "Sunday Pitcher" rule, James Shields is now ineligible to appear in the ASG. Teammate David Price, out with turf toe on his left foot, is also now off the 34-man roster.

In their places will be two Yankees pitchers. But there's a bit of a hitch to it.

With Shields ineligibe, CC Sabathia was named to take his spot on the roster. The problem though is that Sabathia started Sunday's game against Shields and the Rays. So now he is ineligible to participate in the game as well. Still, he gets to be part of the festivites on Tuesday. This would be his fifth appearance at the ASG.

Price's replacement is Yankees reliever David Robertson. Robertson leads all AL relievers with 56 strikeouts heading into today's game. He also sports a 1.27 ERA, which is second lowest among pitchers with 35 innings of work. This would be his first ASG appearance.

If you're going to add both Sabathia's and Robertson's 2011 Topps cards to your All-Star binder, save yourself some time looking for Robertson. As a middle relief pitcher, he does not have a card in the eponymous set nor the retail set (surprising considering he's a Yankee). Use the Yankees' team card in his place 424 (making him the fourth person without a card). Sabathia's cards are #102 and NYY2.

More roster changes (and you know there will be) to come soon after the Sunday starters are replaced (at least six of them...maybe more???).


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