Friday, July 29, 2011

Using My Vacation Time Wisely

It seems that I accumulated more than three weeks of paid vacation time at work.  And unfortunately, I have a history of not using them all during the course of the year.  So since Tuesday, I have been on vacation from work.  It's been nice so far.

On Tuesday, the family and I went to Six Flags Great America and now that the kids are old enough (and my son is tall enough), we were finally able to ride some of the bigger roller coasters together.

Wednesday was a do nothing day (except I did do some grocery shopping).  Thursday was my son's ninth birthday.  Even with everything that my son has gone through (and trust me, he's been through quite a lot), he is still one happy, but not so little anymore, boy.  We spent most of the day at home, he wanted and had breakfast in bed, and even birthday cake made from scratch.

But today, I am just staying home again.  We cleaned up the fish tank (it's been a full year since we did it last time...when I was on vacation then too).  And now besides typing, I am finally, FINALLY, putting my 2011 Topps Series 2 cards in the binder.  Let's see:
  • 330 base cards
  • 59 60-Years of Topps cards (regular backs, so glad Topps isn't continuing this series in Updates and least that's what I noticed in the sell sheets anyway)
  • 50 Kimball's Champions cards
  • 50 Topps 60 cards
  • 50 ToppsTown cards (I do have to visit the place's been a while)
  • 30 Diamond Duos cards
  • 25 Diamond Stars cards (love the sparkly)
  • 15 Blue Diamond (Walmart) cards
  • 15 Red Diamond (Target) cards
  • 9 Topps Diamond Giveaway Code Card (need #12...anybody???  Can be used...Really!!!)
  • 7 Before There Was Topps cards
  • 1 Topps Attax Ad card (yes, I'm including this card as part of my set)
  • 1 Andre Dawson 1985 Original Back (thanks Glenn)
  • 1 Christy Mathewson SP (thanks Glenn again) replacing the Jim Palmer SP
If my math is correct, that should be 643 cards. So adding 643 to the main number in the sidebar of 47,853 cards, increases the total number of cards in my official card collection to 48,496 cards...and counting.

During the National, I plan on bringing my want list and a bunch of cards in the event people want to trade.  I'm nearby, so it's not like I'd have to make a long trek back and forth. 
One more thing before I forget, I finally have 16 virtual rings in the Topps Diamond Anniversery Giveaway.  With 15 different rings, I now have a Skinit code to redeem for my cell phone.  Now my daughter was with me when I was creating the custom skin for my Pantech Pursuit phone.  So she saw me pick out this design:

This is what my cell phone will look like when the Skin comes in.
 Please don't send me letters telling me what you think about the design. I am not a graphics artist, and I couldn't use a baseball card or the Topps logo here (although the company has designs for every major sports team in MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL - except the new Winnipeg Jets - and even MLS).  In hindsight, I know I could have done better, especially with the logo.  But that is what is coming, and I can't wait to see it, especially how that bdj610 logo looks (yes, it's dark...but red isn't my color).

But again, my daughter saw me work on this and now she wants one for her phone.  So I am going to ask the Hobby Community for help here.  If you redeemed more than 15 rings and DON'T PLAN on using your Skinit redemption code, please send me an e-mail at and provide the code so my daughter can customize her phone.  Thanks.

Well, it's time to get to work.  But until this evening, when I make the monthly changes to the Sports Card Blogroll, I'll be putting these cards in sheets and into my album.


JayBee Anama

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PunkRockPaint said...

My iPhone skin arrived in my mailbox 2 days after ordering... Granted it wasn't custom, but I'm curious to know how long yours will take.

Wish I had another for your daughter. Sorry.