Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yes We Can!!! Yes We Did!!! And It's All Thanks to the Blogosphere!!!

The chase officially started on February 23, 2009.

Don Avery from the Topps Message Boards sent me the first two SP cards, George Sisler and Walter Johnson.

Tim Guillotte, also from the TMB sent me the third, Ty Cobb.

After not seeing it earlier in the day, the package that Dorrey Kimber of the TMB sent did in fact include Christy Mathewson.

A dozen 2009 Topps Gold cards to Joe Hoelscher netted me Tris Speaker. At the same time, Craig Parker of My Topps Cards generously mailed three SP's: Honus Wagner, Rogers Hornsby, and Johnny Mize.

For some Josh Hamilton cards, Tricia Hall, of The Hamiltonian, sent over Cy Young.

At the Chicago Sun Times show, I bought Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, and CC Sabathia's SP cards.

Patricia and Lucy of Dinged Corners sent their Roy Campanella as a thank you for the David Wright card from this past summer's Topps Target Back to School set.

Joe Hoelscher and I made another trade, this time for Jimmie Foxx.

Kevin Clark of the TMB mailed a Lou Gehrig card (did you ever e-mail me your 1978 & 1979 Topps wantlists???)

Steve Brown, writer of The Easy Life, decided that he wasn't going to pursue the SP set like he had originally intended, and sent in the mail Pee Wee Reese.

Due to either desperation or just plain old caving in, $12.90 with shipping paid to eBayer rld4230 brought Mel Ott to Des Plaines.

Jeremy DeJong accepted my 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Carl Crawford card in exchange for Thurman Munson.

And so tonight, Wednesday, June 9, 2009, three months and fourteen days after the first card arrived, on the same night that my niece Keira Anastasia was born (9:12 pm, congrats Charles and Cathy)...


Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing, for the first time ever on this humble little blog...

The President of the United States of America!!!

(Cue "Hail to the Chief")

Barack Obama #44.

The man to thank for bringing the chase to a dramatic conclusion is William Regenthal of foul bunt. Not only did he send me the POTUS, but he is also to thank for bringing me almost a third of the way home with the series 2 SP's by including:

Robin Yount #595.

Carl Yastrzemski #660.

To everyone named and mentioned above, thank you very much for helping me complete the 19-card Series 1 SP set. It is a testament to the generosity of the people who share in this great Hobby of ours that an undertaking such as this can be successfully accomplished.

Thank you...One and All!!!


JayBee Anama

P.S. Oh yes, six down, 11 to go for the Series 2 SP's. I just hope they don't try this again for the U & H set...jba


TDLindgren said...

That's awesome! Congrats JayBee! I would love to see a scan of the whole series one set.

William said...

I'm glad I could help JayBee.